Vision 2035

Vision 2035 is the government’s long-term strategy for Djibouti to build the country's future. This government-driven strategy was developed through participation of Djibouti’s youth, political parties, civil society, businesses, development partners and the international community; and therefore reflects a set of economic, political and social goals for the whole of society.

The government’s plan is that by 2035 peace, unity and solidarity will be strengthened, experienced and shared. The state will take action to maintain and strengthen institutional frameworks, to strengthen social cohesion and to promote national solidarity. The state and the people are committed to using all measures for the prevention and management of conflict through the promotion of dialogue, consensus building and the establishment of a culture of peace.

The vision is based on five core pillars:

  • 1 Peace and national unity: Strengthening unity, peace and solidarity
  • 2 Good governance: Reinforcing good governance and democracy
  • 3 A diversified economy: Promoting competitive and healthy economic growth
  • 4 Investing in human capital: Building a hardworking, healthy and educated workforce
  • 5 Regional integration: Increasing trade and commerce with regional partners

Economic objectives:

Djibouti 2035’s core economic objective is to triple per capita income by 2035. Under macroeconomic projections, achieving this objective will require accelerated and sustained GDP growth. The vision also forecasts the creation of more than 200,000 jobs by 2035.

Growth prospects are largely based on the diversification of the economy. A new growth model will be implemented to harness the significant opportunities that exist across a variety of sectors, including fishing and farming, tourism, logistics, ICT, financial services, manufacturing and renewable energy.

Vision Djibouti 2035

Our society of tomorrow should be built on traditional cultural values combined with modern universal values without changing our history’s mores and customs.

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